Adoption mediation is the basis for Adoptionscentrum's work.

The basic requirement is that mediation of inter-country adoptions shall take place in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as international and national legislation. The aim is securing the child's best interests in the process.

Adoptionscentrum guarantees a secure, effective and ethically correct adoption process, working in collaboration with the prospective adoptive parents and the organisations and authorities in the child's country of origin.

Preparation and approval of adoptive parents 

Before initiating an adoption process, the prospective adoptive parents need to complete a mandatory parental training course. The course gives the prospective parents a better understanding of adopted children and their needs, provides tools and knowledge to make an informed decision regarding adoption, and gives knowledge about the adoption process and consequences in legal as well as emotional terms.

A social worker from the municipality carries out an investigation, which is presented in a home study report. It deals with matters such as finances, health, network, the spouses’ relationship, and expectations on the adoption. The local Social Welfare Committee then grants consent if the family is found suitable to adopt.

The role of Adoptionscentrum

Adoptionscentrum offers counselling and practical information about the adoption procedures and requirements in different countries. We assist the families in preparing their application and support them throughout the whole adoption process.

We regularly visit authorities and organisations in the collaborating countries. In several countries, we also have local employees or representatives.

An important part of adoption mediation work is to provide information on the adopted children’s life in Sweden. We send hundreds of follow-up reports each year to the countries of origin on how the children are developing in their new home country.