How we work

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We do no not normally implement or carry out any projects on our own. Adoptionscentrum cooperates with NGOs and foundations that share our values and work towards the same goal.  These organization often have wide network with other organizations and local authorities in their own countries, which in turn enables the network to grow even more.

We support organizations that advocate authorities to defend children´s rights. We want to use our knowledge and commitment to strenghten our partners to create change for children.

We have known some organizatons for many years, whereas other are more recent. It is important to get to know each other in order for the cooperation to develop in to a partnership. We cooperate with many different types of organizations. Some work very locally in a community and other on national level. The mixture of partners brings strength and knowledge.

The geographic area of our work is global as many of the problems and situations for children who are abandoned or at risk of being abandoned are the same all over the world.  Adoptioncentrum link together experiences and results of the efforts of organisations in different countries and parts of the world.