Thematic areas for our strategic work

We work to prevent family separation
In our preventive work Adoptionscentrum focuses on addressing some of the main reasons for children losing their families; poverty, inequality and hiv-aids. The roots of separation can also be found in behavior problems, relationship difficulties, abuse or neglect and little possibility, if any at all, for vulnerable families to have an influence on their situations.  The activities focus on both the larger systemic issues and on advocating for support and service provision to vulnerable families, in order to prevent unnecessary separation.

Promoting family focused alternative care and community care
The harm caused to children by long-term institutional care has been widely documented by research and by practical experience. Use of residential care shall always be looked upon as a temporary solution for a child in the process of his or her reunification with the family or finding an alternative family-based placement. Adoptionscentrum supports deinstitutionalization efforts and the development of family-based care alternatives. Capacity building and training of personnel and decision-makers are important activities in achieving change. Also advocacy to raise awareness of the importance of family and community-based care for children.

Change and transformation of institutional care
Children in institutions many times live separate from the rest of society. They do not learn how to bond or make decisions. The staff comes and goes. A child in an institution is one of many. And many children grow up in institutions even though with a little effort they could grow in a family environment. Adoptionscentrum supports training of personnel and decision-makers on needs and rights of children in institutions.

Independent life
When children in institutions reach adolescence and have to leave they often know very little about the outside world. They are especially vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. They may be less able to find work or to develop social relationships.  Adoptionscentrum support iniatives to reduce their vulnerability and to prepare them for independent life.